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Wine is a Sensual Pursuit…

As such, the wine glass should be an instrument for the senses - it should challenge, support and generously reward them.

The Roberts Supertaster wine glass with Taste Stimulating Textures, encourage all senses associated with wine tasting to perform at their perceptive best.

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Pleasure Sensor Design
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Taste Stimulating Textures

Wake up your taste buds... making you more perceptive and more aware of flavors in your favorite wines. Robert's Wineware Textures

Well-Proportioned Bowls

Promote proper aeration and release of wine's composition. Robert's Wineware Bowls

Sensuous Stems

Remind our senses that the wine glass,
like the wine is about balance. Robert's Wineware Stems

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"Typically, when I taste wine, it usually consists of a series of rest stops on the tongue. This however, is a whole mouth experience..."Christine L. Mueller, President, Women for WineSense, Napa/Sonoma Chapter

"...Better than all those aeration products." Sommelier, NY

"This wine glass gives the rest of us a chance...." Wine lover, Boston, MA

"We had some friends visit during the holidays and we tried the glasses...everyone was able to detect the difference - AMAZING! We had so much fun...We kept drinking wine and fighting about whose turn it was to use the Supertasters..."Gorgiana, Pittsburgh, PA

"This glass might help expand the varietal preferences for some wine drinkers.."Corey Beck, Director of Winemaking, Francis Ford Coppola Winery

Roberts Wineware's Pleasure Sensor Design and Patented Taste Stimulating Textures, reward our sense of taste.Click to learn more


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